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One of my recent speeches: Hypocrites Anonymous

Hypocrites Anonymous

Fact: the opposite of a hypocrite is an honestcrite. Yes I coined that phrase myself. Copyright pending, but you can still quote me if you want. Honest meaning true, hypo meaning lie, and crite meaning person.

                The hypocrisy formula was probably fabricated by some great theoretical mathematician. The formula is as follows: hypocrisy = the absolute value of (beliefs – actions). Now in theory, if our beliefs are equal to our action, then hypocrisy will equal zero. It must be taken into consideration that “beliefs” is an independent variable, and that our actions should actually depend on the beliefs. We cannot change our beliefs to justify our actions.

                A hypocrite is essentially a liar. When you say that you’re going to do something, or have said that you believe in something. But your actions say something very different; you have at this point lied. A mother teaches her child to use good language. When she herself swears regularly, what is the child likely to believe? Her words say don’t but her actions say do.

                So I ask you, what does a hypocrite have at the end of the day? For example: there is this guy that I work with. For privacy sake we will call him Joe. Well he barely got promoted to assistant manager. Now Joe is always getting mad at everyone else for being late in the morning. But he himself is fifteen minutes late coming back from work, almost every day. Every Friday, he quits work an hour early. Nobody likes Joe anymore, and most of us have lost a lot of trust in him. So what did he gain? Well nothing really, if anything it was a loss for Joe. What do you think might have happened had Joe been more of an honestcrite?

                An honestcrite, someone who’s actions follow their beliefs. When we say something we believe and our actions are saying the same thing. This is being honest. Or when we tell somebody to do something like tucking in their shirt, and we also follow this rule. This is being honest.

Your religion is what you do after the sermon.

                “Most of us believe that wrongs aren’t wrong if they are done by nice people like ourselves.” – Author unknown We might not be absolutely perfect, but we can work towards becoming less of a hypocrite and more of an honestcrite.

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